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The latest news from Thus Defiled

06-05-17: 25th Anniversary EP coming 6/6/17

To mark 25 years of Thus Defiled, we have a new EP "A Return To The Shadows" that will be available for free download featuring a new song and 4 covers. Mike Browning of Morbid Angel/Nocturnus joined us to provide vocals for our Morbid Angel cover of Demon Seed. For the music, story behind the release, how we chose the cover versions and why we hope some of you will make a donation to a worthwhile charity click the link below. This recording is respectfully dedicated to: Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Cliff Burton (Metallica) and Grant Saunders (Thus Defiled).
Free Download

06-05-16: Pre sale for An Unhallowed Legacy

The An Unhallowed Legacy CD is unleashed. The album features the restored and remastered versions of the classic EPs A Darker Beauty (2000) and Fire Serpent Dawn (2002). It comes in a stunning A5 grimoire presentation style packaging. 48 minutes of classic black metal wrapped in images of the arcane, the demonic, the infernal.
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01-05-16: Promo video for the An Unhallowed Legacy A5 digipak grimoire CD

Promo video for the upcoming physical release of "An Unhallowed Legacy".

05-04-16: Promo video for the remastered Fire Serpent Dawn EP

Promo video for the upcoming digital release of the remastered "Fire Serpent Dawn" MCD originally recorded in 2002.

22-03-16: Promo video for the remastered A Darker beauty EP

Promo video for the upcoming digital release of the remastered "A Darker Beauty" EP originally recorded in 2000.

20-03-16: A stirring in the shadows

The time is nigh for something from Thus Defiled. After much silence, the two EPs: A Darker Beauty and Fire Serpent Dawn that have long since sold out will soon become available digitally for the first time. Well, perhaps we should say "officially" available for the first time, as nothing in the shadows of the web is ever truly unavailable by nefarious means for the unscrupulous.
A Darker Beauty was recorded by the band themselves back in 2000, and has been carefully remastered by Paul C to give the music a new lease of life, and Fire Serpent Dawn, also remastered by Paul C, was recorded at Philia Studios in '02 with Dave Chang (Napalm Death / Desecration / Orange Goblin etc...) at the helm. Fire Serpent Dawn was the other EP that the band released themselves, and subsequently saw them voted "Best unsigned band" in '02 by the readers of Terrorizer Magazine. They then went on to record Weeping Holocaust Tears and Daemonspawn for Shadowflame Productions.
A third EP of as yet unheard of material will also be surfacing from our last trip to the USA to once again record at the superb Noise Farm Studio in Texas, reuniting the band with Daemonspawn producer Tim Bartlett. This features a new song as well as a selection of covers from bands we grew up with, and includes some special guest appearances from Mike Browning (Morbid Angel / Nocturnus) and Donn Donni of US symphonic black metal titans Vesperian Sorrow. But more news on all of this soon...