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THUS DEFILED - A Return To The Shadows EP (available 6-6-17)

Free Download
To mark 25 years of Thus Defiled, we have a new EP "A Return To The Shadows" that will be available for free download featuring a new song and 4 covers. Mike Browning of Morbid Angel/Nocturnus joined us to provide vocals for our Morbid Angel cover of Demon Seed. For the music, story behind the release, how we chose the cover versions and why we hope some of you will make a donation to a worthwhile charity click the link above.
This recording is dedicated to:
Chuck Schuldiner (Death)
Cliff Burton (Metallica)
Grant Saunders (Thus Defiled)

THUS DEFILED - An Unhallowed Legacy CD
OUT NOW! Features the restored and remastered versions of the classic EPs A Darker Beauty (2000) and Fire Serpent Dawn (2002). Comes in a stunning A5 grimoire presentation style packaging. 48 minutes of classic black metal wrapped in images of the arcane, the demonic, the infernal.
"...the band fuse the grandeur of Dissection and early Emperor with a very British 'classic metal' feel...classic material, lavishly packaged; essential"

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