...a shadow from the past...

Thus Defiled were originally formed in March 1992 (though had been around since '91 in the earlier incarnation of Unholy Deification) with the aim of creating some of the most intense yet unique, bestial blackened metal within the extreme music scene. Through many years of evolution the band have expanded their style of black metal as the band members grew as individuals, but still hold true to their original dark, black metal roots whilst continuing to create their own style of metal.

The Demo Days

During 1992 the band recorded their first demo Blasphemous Coven – three tracks of punishing, bludgeoning bestial black metal. The release gained the band a support slot with the legendary Blasphemy and Gorguts in London in 1993 and also lead to a deal with Mada Idala Productions the same year for a cassette EP - Enchanted By The Dark One - for which the band conjured up more of their trademark extremity.

The latter half of the '90s and the first two albums

With the first full length release, Through the Impure Veil of Dawn, Thus Defiled built up a substantial following in the mid 90’s and second album Wings of the Nightstorm expanded on this success, whilst showing a more progressive edge to the band’s sound and landing them major support slots with the likes of Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Dissection, Moonspell and Immolation to name but a few.
During this era Thus Defiled went through a period of line-up upheaval, but as the new millennium approached things began to coalesce into the ideal unit for future progress. Paul F joined on guitar in time for 2000s A Darker Beauty EP, which showed the band maturing into an entity with a more honed edge to it, yet still extremely dark in essence. The longer, more intricate songs would pave the way for the next decade to come.

The new millenium

The remaining line-up issues were resolved when long time bassist Sam decided to leave and Rob V joined as his replacement in late 2000. Then, in 2001, the now stable line-up entered Philia studios with producer Dave Chang at the helm, to record Fire Serpent Dawn. This was only released as a promo disc to let people know that Thus Defiled had returned, however one track from this session – ‘Of Shadow And Storm’ - did feature on the Britannia Infernus compilation CD, alongside such legendary acts as Black Sabbath, Venom and Cradle of Filth. It also gained Thus Defiled the vote for ‘Best Unsigned Band’ by the readers of Terrorizer magazine.
Buoyed by their ever-increasing profile and new-found stability, the band then set about concentrating on writing material for their next full length album, Weeping Holocaust Tears. Upon its release the album took the press by storm, securing Thus Defiled major interviews and excellent reviews in many of the world’s top music magazines. It even caught the ear of revered DJ John Peel, who unleashed its fury on Radio 1. The band then hit the road for a high profile tour with Decapitated and Rotting Christ and a special guest slot with the infamous Mayhem.
For the recording of their fourth album, the unparalleled Daemonspawn, Thus Defiled flew to Texas for a month, to work at the fantastic Noise Farm studio. The results were spectacular, with Daemonspawn being unarguably their most devastating sounding album to date. The album featured backing vocals by Sakis from Rotting Christ and was mastered by James Murphy. Whilst in the States the band also managed to fit in some select shows with Watain and Acheron, as well as making an appearance at the world famous Milwaukee Metalfest.
Back in the UK, a full house at The Camden Underworld greeted the band for their album launch show. The press welcomed the new album with open arms and a stream of great reviews and interviews followed, before a host of stunning live performances, sharing the stage with the likes of Dark Funeral, Enslaved and many more.
The band then once again ventured across the Atlantic to record an as yet unreleased EP...

The present day

Now, after several years of silence, Thus Defiled have awoken from their slumber. Their two EPs, A Darker Beauty and Fire Serpent Dawn, long since sold out, are getting an official digital release. Both have new artwork, and have been remastered by Paul C to give them a new lease of life, sounding sharper, more vibrant and deadlier than ever before.
Also, from the band's second sojourn in Texas, a third (and perhaps final?) EP entitled A Return To The Shadows is to be summoned forth. Collecting together four cataclysmic cover versions and one brand new, original recording, A Return To The Shadows features guest vocals from Mike Browning of Morbid Angel / Nocturnus and Donn Donni of Vesperian Sorrow. This EP is both a tribute to the bands Thus Defiled grew up with - and a defiant roar that dares anyone to doubt their continued power and potency. In their choice of cover material the band deliberately avoided the predictable black metal song choices, and would like to assure listeners that no metal classics were harmed during this recording, which should land during '16…