“The path to paradise begins in Hell”
Dante Alighieri

Enter the nine circles and abandon all hope

"Thus Defiled play peerless British black metal exclusively. This fucking rules!"
“As an individual I am proud to participate in one of the oldest and most respected cult bands of the black metal scene”
- SAKIS of ROTTING CHRIST on his collaboration on "Daemonspawn"

06-06-16: An Unhallowed Legacy Out Now!

The An Unhallowed Legacy CD is unleashed. The album features the restored and remastered versions of the classic EPs A Darker Beauty (2000) and Fire Serpent Dawn (2002). It comes in a stunning A5 grimoire presentation style packaging. 48 minutes of classic black metal wrapped in images of the arcane, the demonic, the infernal.
"...the band fuse the grandeur of Dissection and early Emperor with a very British 'classic metal' feel...classic material, lavishly packaged; essential" - 5.5/6 ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE ISSUE 073Order here

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